On-site amenities include an executive lounge and exterior terrace, 3 conference rooms, 24/7 security officers, on-site property managment, two parking garages, deli, bike racks, fitness center, locker rooms with showers, and overnight courier drop boxes (FedEx, Lonestar, and UPS). This property is in close proximity to Austin's best resturants, hotels, retail stores, museums and the State Capitol complex.  



Fifteenth Floor Executive Lounge and Terrace

The Terrace and Executive Lounge is located on the 15th floor at 816 Congress Avenue. This is an amenity space for customers at 816 Congress and is not available for daytime events during the work week.


  • 250 people (indoor and outdoor space)

  • 136 people (indoor space only)

Inclement weather capacity is 136 maximum in the indoor lounge

Event Availability Times

Monday – Thursday  6:00 pm - 10:00 pm with set-up beginning at 5PM
Friday 6:00 pm - midnight with set-up beginning at 5PM
Saturday 1:00 pm - midnight with set-up beginning at 12PM
Sunday 10:00 am - 10:00 pm with set-up beginning at 9AM


  • Under no circumstances can set-up occur earlier than one (1)  hour prior to the Event with the exception of the preparation room which may be utilized two (2) hours prior to an Event

  • Removal, clean up and putting furniture back in place must be completed within one (1) hour of the Event end time


Click here to view the Terrace Delivery Information form

Click here to view the Terrace Preferred Vendors form

Click here to view the Terrace Rules and Regulations form

Click here to view the Terrace Rental Information and Rates


To make a reservation for a Customer Event utilize Roomzilla- your office manager has access to this. These reservations must be made by the appointed contact in your company. You will be contacted after your request is received to discuss the event.

To make a reservation for a Hosted or Personal Event please contact the management office directly at 512-354-3740 to check availability. All fees will be discussed at that time and a License Agreement will be generated and sent. The executed License Agreement and 25% deposit payment will be required to secure the reservation.


Fees for Customer events will be added to your miscellaneous charges billing.

Fees for Hosted and Personal Events must be made by check payable to: Cousins 816 Congress LLC and delivered to the following address:

Cousins Properties

816 Congress Ave, Suite 300

Austin, TX 78701


A Certificate of Insurance will be required if you are not a building customer as per the License Agreement


You can provide your own food, beverages, furniture/décor if necessary or you can utilize a catering and/or rental company to provide food, beverages and furniture/décor.

Beer and wine may be served without a TABC bartender. Hard alcohol must be served by TABC certified bartenders and the TABC bartenders license information must be provided in advance. A Security officer is required for all Events that serve hard alcohol.


All deliveries will need to be discussed and coordinated in advance. A contractor request form will typically suffice. Please reference the Delivery Information page for additional information.


Event Types and Fees

Customer Event:

This is an event in which a lease holding entity of 816 Congress is hosting and the majority of attendees work on-site at 816 Congress Ave.

  • Fees:
    •  There is no rental charge for the use of the space however there are costs associated to After Hours HVAC, Janitorial Services, Parking and Security that will vary based on your event date, time, hours of the event and number of attendees. See Rules and Regulations for more information regarding security and parking fees.

Hosted Event: 

If a lease holding entity is hosting an event as part of a larger organization it is considered a hosted event. 

  • Fees:
    • $1250 Monday – Thursday
    • $2000 Friday – Sunday
  • All Hosted Event rentals are for no more than four hours in duration, excluding set-up and take down

  • Rental fees for Hosted Events must be paid in advance and will require a deposit payment. Payment details will be included in the License Agreement

Personal Events:

This is an event in which an individual or an organization outside of 816 Congress Ave. is having an event.

  • Fees:

            $2500 Monday – Thursday

            $4000 Friday – Sunday

  • All Personal Event rentals are for no more than four hours in duration, excluding set-up and take down 

  • Rental fees for Personal Events must be paid in advance and will require a deposit payment. Payment details will be included in the License Agreement


Food and Beverage Service

Jimmy John's Deli is located in suite 150 on our ground level

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday 11:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday – Sunday CLOSED

Fitness Center and Locker Rooms

This State-of-the-art Fitness center is a full service fitness center, offering a wide rance of service and amenities. This is located on the 3rd floor of 816 Congress. Here are a few things our customers enjoy at The Fitness Center at 816 Congress:

  1. Personal badge access Monday through Sunday
  2. Full line of upper and lower body resistance equipment, including free weights and a Smiths Machine
  3. Variety of cardiovascular equipment
  4. Clean, non-competitive and professional atmosphere
  5. Full amenity locker rooms with showers and towel services
  6. 24-hour security

For additional information, please call 512-354-3740

Fitness Center members have access to efficiently designed men's and women's locker rooms equipped with day lockers, showers, and towel services.

Monday - Sunday 24/7, excluding 8pm to 10pm, Monday through Friday for Janitorial services

Meeting Facilities

The 816 Congress Conference Center is available for customer use free of charge on a first come, first served basis. The Conference Center is located on the 3rd floor and consists of three conference rooms:

  • Mockingbird accommodates up to 8 people                                  
  • Bluebonnet accommodates up to 18 people
  • Longhorn accommodates up to 42 people

Each room is equipped with a projection system where you can connect your computer to the adaptors (HDMI or VGA) and your screen will project to the wall mounted TV.

The rooms must be reserved in advance by logging on to Roomzilla.

Parking Facilities

The entrance to the parking garage at 816 Congress is located on south side of 9th Street between Colorado Street and Congress Avenue. Before gaining an access card to the parking garage, all employees must fully complete the Parking Application Form. Parking is available in two parking garages, 816 Congress Avenue and 901 Lavaca. 901 Lavaca is strictly for contract parkers. 

Visitor Parking

Visitor parking is available in the 816 Congress Garage. Any space that is not designated as reserved may be used by visitors.

Reserved  and Unreserved Garage Parking

Reserved and Unreserved Parking allocations are designated per your Lease. Contact the Property Management Office for details at (512) 354-3740. Reserved and unreserved parking access is provided by using your vehicle’s TxTag and/or a parking badge.

Tow Away Zones

Please observe No Parking, Handicapped Parking, and Reserved Parking signs as well as the parking rules and regulations posted below. Towing is strictly enforced.

Garage Management

SP Plus manages the 816 Congress and 9th Street Parking Garage. SP Plus can be contacted at (512).474.6470


816 Congress 9th Street Garage Parking Rules and Regulations

  1. Owner & Garage Manager require that the Contract Parking Agreement and Garage Access Card Request Form be completed prior to the issuance of an access card. Garage cards are issued specifically to individuals and not to be shared with coworkers. If you need to transfer the card to another employee, please complete the appropriate paperwork.
  2. A Garage Access Card or Toll Tag must be used for access to the 816 Congress Garage and the 9th Street Garage (“Parking Facilities”). Access cards will be distributed by the Garage Manager and are not transferable to another person without completing new forms referenced in item 1 above. The cost of replacing any access card(s) lost, damaged (normal wear and tear excepted), or not returned will be charged to your company at a rate of $25.00.
  3. Ensure that you provide accurate license plate information when you get your card and update it with us as it changes. We utilize this information for notifications such as lights being left on or illegal parking.
  4. An access card or Toll tag must be used at all times to operate the entrance and exit gates to the Parking Facilities. If your access card or Toll tag does not work, contact the Garage Manager at 512-474-6470. It is important to remember that the access cards must be used in entrance/exit sequence in either garage. Failure to execute this sequence causes the computer to automatically lock out your access card and prevents it from opening any gate until it is placed back in proper sequence.
  5. Employees of tenants at 816 Congress are authorized to park in the Parking Facilities, subject to the tenant’s allotment of parking space and provisions in the tenant’s Lease.
  6. All persons parking in the Parking Facilities shall observe – 24 hours per day – all posted signs and markings regarding speed, traffic lanes, yield and stop signs, reserved parking, visitor parking, handicapped parking, no parking, etc. and stripes separating parkingspaces.
  7. The speed limit in the Parking Facilities is five (5) miles per hour
  8. No vehicle shall use more than one parking space at a time. Ensure that you are parked between the lines and not impeding the use of another parking space.
  9. Please pull all the way forward to the wheel stop when parking so that the flow of traffic remains open.
  10. Spaces are designed for front entry. Backing into spaces could potentially lead to damage of the Parking Facilities or your vehicle.
  11. If you have a small vehicle, do not park in the space noted oversize. Please reserve this for trucks and larger SUVs.
  12. 816 Congress is a one way garage. Anyone going the wrong way will have parking privileges revoked.
  13. Owner will make reasonable efforts to provide parking for all types of vehicles. Certain spaces are designated for “Compact Cars Only”. These are designed to accommodate compact and smaller vehicles (defined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as having a Passenger & Cargo Volume of 109 cubic feet or less). The City of Austin defines “Compact Parking Spaces” as a stall width of 7’6”, in lieu of a stall width of 8’6” or 9’0” for a “Standard Parking Space”. Vehicles in Compact, Subcompact, Mini-compact, or smaller classes must use the designated “Compact Cars Only” parking spaces, if available. Owner will attempt, but shall have no obligation, to provide parking for oversized vehicles if the existing oversized vehicle parking areas are full or are not appropriate for or available to the oversized vehicle(s) in question.
  14. Vehicles may not be stored or left in the parking facilities overnight without prior notification and approval by owner or garage manager. Notification must be made via email no later than 4:30 pm on business days.
  15. f you damage personal property, or damage any Parking Facilities’ equipment, in addition to any liability you may have for any claims, damages, losses or costs arising out of any damage or violation, the Owner/Garage Manager may cancel and terminate your right to the Parking Facilities and void, and render ineffective, your access card.
  16. Owner/Garage Manager reserves the right to close the Parking Facilities for repairs, maintenance, or modifications. No refunds will be given when the Parking Facilities are closed.
  17. All persons utilizing the Parking Facilities shall refrain from leaving trash, ashtray contents, or other debris on the floors or common areas of the Parking Facilities. All persons utilizing the Parking Facilities shall be responsible for promptly repairing flat tires or other conditions of the vehicle which cause unsightliness in the reasonable judgment of the Owner/Garage Manager.
  18. Owner/Garage Manager reserve the right, from time to time, and at any time, to modify or change these parking Rules and Regulations or to void Access Cards. If you park or operate your vehicle in violation of these parking Rules and Regulations or fail to observe and perform your obligations under your Parking Facilities Contract, in addition to any other right or remedy Owner/Garage Manager may (a) have your vehicle towed away at your sole expense and or (b) terminate your right to use the parking facilities and void, and render ineffective your access card.
  19. If you need a tow truck to come, please notify management or security in advance. The clearance for the 816 Congress Garage is 6’-7” and the 9th Street Garage is 7’-0”. Please ensure you communicate this to the towing company.
  20. Garage trash cans are for vehicle trash. Please do not leave large personal trash bags in the garage.