Policies and Procedures


Building deliveries and moving should be scheduled through Property Management in order to avoid any conflict in schedules. This is done to make sure that Management is aware of all customer moves and can obtain certificates of insurance, meet with movers, etc.

1. All deliveries for floors nine (9) through nineteen (19) in the building should be made through the garage freight elevator by way of the loading dock located in the alley.

2. For freight deliveries and Customer moves to floors two (2) through eight (8) in which there is no freight elevator a passenger elevator will be padded.

3. Any moving of equipment or furniture, which requires use of an elevator in excess of 30 minutes or requires more than 2 trips must be scheduled after 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday or on weekends through Property Management Online Freight Reservation System.

4. For less than one hour a padded elevator can be used following Management approval during the following times:

  • Monday through Friday: 9am- 11am or 2pm- 4pm

5. When a passenger elevator is padded the Security Officer's will inspect the cab prior to the activity and will install the pads. Once the move is completed, the pads are removed by Security and the elevator is again inspected for any damage.

Moving Procedures

The Property Management Office requests that you engage a reputable moving company, provide us with your sales representative's name and company address, and coordinate your move with the Property Management Office. A Certificate of Insurance will be required. 

Please note the following when scheduling your move:

Moving information must be emailed to drosenquist@cousins.com. Only the Assigned contacts for your company can make these requests.

All moves must be done after 6:00p.m. Monday through Friday or any time on the weekends.

The freight elevator is accessed through the alley and garage and only serves floors 9 through 19.

Dimensions and limitations of the freight elevator are listed below:

Doors: 48" w x 84" h
 Capacity: 3500 lbs
 Inside clearance: 78" w x 61" d x 108" ceiling height

The moving company is responsible for providing the following protective covering in the building:

Clean Masonite sections must be used as runners from the curb to the edge of the carpeting in the corridor where heavy furniture or equipment is being moved with wheel or skid-type dollies. The Masonite must be at least 1/4 inch thick, 4' x 8' wide sheets in elevator lobbies and corridors and 34" wide sheets through doors into the customer’s space. All sections of Masonite must be taped end-to-end and not to any walls or flooring.

The movers must provide and install protective coverings on all walls, door and elevator facings and other areas along the route to be followed during the move. These areas will be inspected for damage after the move.

Prior to a scheduled move, the corridors will be inspected by a representative of the moving company/customer and the Property Management/Security officer. Any damage will be noted and agreed upon by both companies on an inspection form. Following the move, the same two parties will do a follow up inspection and any problems will be noted at the time. Any damage to the building or fixtures caused by the move will be repaired or paid for by the moving company and/or Customer.

The alley is one way and can only be entered off 8th street. No vehicles should be left unattended without the approval of security.

No vehicles are to be left running in the alley due to exhaust fumes that enter the buildings air system.

The moving company will be responsible for removing all of their trash from the Building site (including boxes).

All moving company employees will sign in at the security console and will receive an identification badge. This badge must be worn at all times. At the end of the move, the badges should be returned to the security console. There will be a $25.00 charge for any badges that are not returned.

Moving personnel are required to be properly dressed and follow all building rules and regulations.

Remodeling and Alterations

Subsequent to the completion and occupancy of your new office, all alterations and improvements to the premises must be approved by the Landlord. This approval is necessary to make certain that the proposed work not only meets the same standards of original construction, but also complies with all building codes and regulations. Any request of this nature should be directed to the Property Management Office at (512) 354-3740.

 The Property Management Office will work closely with you in formulating your ideas, providing you with detailed plans if the proposal requires, and be responsible for coordinating all the work. An example of items that should be directed to the attention to Property Management are any alterations to the fixed walls within the premises, door changes, any electrical changes, additional telephone outlets, lock rekeys, computer or telephone work.

 A service order will be provided to you with the breakdown of charges for your approval prior to any work being done.


All common interior areas of 816 Congress are considered to be "smoke-free environments" and are designated "non-smoking".

There are designated smoking areas located on the 8th floor of the 816 Congress parking garage. To access this area take the building elevators to the 8th floor and exit the building/garage crossover door into the parking garage.

Smoking within each customer's lease space is prohibited. 816 Congress is a nonsmoking facility and complies with the City of Austin Clean Air Ordinance and strictly enforces a no smoking policy.

There is no smoking allowed at the front entrances, garage entrances, in the courtyard between the parking garage and back lobby entrance or at the loading dock. For safety purposes, please utilize the designated smoking areas.

Indoor Air Quality Reporting

Any issues or complaints related to Indoor Air Quality should be reported to the Property Management Office. Building engineering staff will make the initial investigation into the complaint. Property Management will then take appropriate actions to mitigate any issues that were discovered. Lastly, the Customer’s office manager will receive a report of the investigation and the resolution undertaken.